100 Hours of Healing

100 hours of healing

You can forge the path toward healing for someone in need. Some of the people who need help through healing processes like Prayer Resolution also need help paying for their sessions. Immerse can do the sessions, but they need you to help with the financing.

Give $150. Become someone’s sponsor. Empower healing.

Prayer Resolution

Prayer Resolution at Immerse is changing lives. This powerful healing tool is guiding people into a level of healing that many don’t believe is even possible.

“I feel like a different person. Like I woke up or something.”

Healing, not Coping

Prayer Resolution doesn’t give people coping mechanisms to move forward, it heals the wounds, sins, and pain from the past so you have freedom to move forward without the need for a crutch.

“I was so excited to find out that God is really real. He speaks to us and has given us tools that really work, not just coping.”


When we bring the reality of our hearts, change starts to happen. We don’t transform by trying hard to be who we think we ought to be, we transform by telling God the truth about ourselves.

“Immediately after the session, I felt different. I felt at peace and whole.  Something deep inside of me had changed. Even many days later, I felt the difference. “

The missing Link

So many people believe that true healing and resolution is possible, but they don’t have the tools or skills to see it realized in their own life. Prayer Resolution bridges that gap.

“I used to think “What’s missing?” and I don’t feel that anymore. “

Real, lasting healing

Prayer Resolution really helps. It’s not a magic bullet that fixes everything for you, it empowers you to do the hard work of telling God your unfiltered experience and using prayer-based tools to find lasting resolution through Him.

“I no longer feel paralyzingly overwhelmed or incapable of handling it. I thank God for the healing He has brought to me through PR and the compassionate care I have received from those He has called into this ministry.”

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Transformation is Possible

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