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“For many people, forgiveness doesn’t feel like healing at all. It’s just another coping mechanism use to try to keep the vault of pain, flexing at the seems, from bursting open. We’ve concluded that pain just isn’t going away and we need to ‘just deal with it.’ People keep saying the words ‘I forgive,’ but the only thing that changes is their ability to look like they’ve got it all together.”

The #1 reason why forgiveness doesn’t work for most people is that they are excusing wrongs, not forgiving them. Find out how to combat #1 as well as overcoming the other four reasons why forgiveness doesn’t work.

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I am freer on the inside now. I spend less time analyzing and calculating every possible decision I need to make due to fear. I am able to joyfully trust God again. I pray differently. I love differently. Forgiveness has literally changed my life!

— Katie

About the Author:

Nate Banker is the executive director and founder of Immerse. He has thousands of in-session hours doing Prayer Resolution, the inner healing tool these concepts are based upon. He has walk with people through some of the most complicated and tricky forgiveness issues including, “How do I forgive myself?” – “What if the person I need to forgive is dead?” – “What do I do if I’m still angry?” – “Do I need to forgive God?” – “What if they are still hurting me?” – “What do I do if I’m not ready to forgive?” – “Should I forgive my abuser?” Nate is committed to helping people heal as well as equipping everyday people like you to become an expert forgiveness coach. The world needs more healers.

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