Christy’s family update

Our twin girls are 3 months old now and I’m ever constantly learning new things in how to care for them. When I’m not tandem nursing, I’m often holding one while singing or talking to the other in her swing or on a floor mat. Car rides get stressful when one baby starts crying and doesn’t know how to calm down and de-escalate until or unless I pull over to rock her or hold her for a bit.

One of our two babies is pretty calm, relaxed, and easy. The other one I like to call our more passionate child. She will scream to let you know she needs something and requires more creativity and often time to calm, soothe, or placate.

While lack of sleep is possibly the hardest part of this season of life, I’m really thankful to discover I still have my love for life and many moments of joy to celebrate. I’m discovering new normals all the time and I’m embracing my new role as mom more easily than a younger version of me would have expected.

Today I was talking with Nate and Mel-Mel and realized that I have never had more victory over FOMO (fear of missing out) than in this season of life – oddly enough, since I am missing out on more than I ever have! My world sometimes feels so small now that it revolves around two littles and is almost always spent just here in our house. Extreme extrovert that I am, I know this is a sign of wonderful and deep inner healing that has enabled me to embrace this season with all that I have and enjoy the snuggles and precious moments while bearing the challenges with all the grace I’m given.

Visitors are most welcome to this extrovert mama of twins who is both happy for any help her friends can give and who loves to be with people and spend some moments laughing with them over tea and a few babes-in-arms!  🙂 

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