Banker family update

“I think this could be our new church home.” Nate was hesitant and hopeful as he spoke. Michelle exuberantly replied, “Me too!” A cacophony of “really?!”s and “wow”s followed by the sudden realization that they were moving out of their season of transition and about to settle down into a new church family. They are super excited about this new place to invest. Check out Nate and Michelle’s new church here. They left Substance Church on really good terms while protecting the relationships and connections they still hope to maintain there.

The Bankers recently upgraded to a new mini-van…not by choice, mind you. Michelle and the kids (including the 20-month-old who Michelle babysits occasionally) were the victims of a hit-and-run, t-bone accident just a block and a half from their house. The hit-and-runner was kind enough to leave behind their license plate, which led Nate and Michelle on a wild goose chase only to discover that person didn’t have any insurance. They were pretty bummed until the community decided to kick this tragedy in the butt with its generosity. The Bankers now own a newer mini-van (Michelle’s dream car, really) and were able to buy it for $2,000 less than the dealer meant to advertise it for!

Nate was given a super cool opportunity to teach the Prayer Resolution forgiveness model to a group of lay counselors-in-training at Woodland Hills Church. It was one of the most effective and fun forgiveness classes Nate has ever done. It’s so cool to see what they’re doing in that church helping the hurting and the broken. It was an absolute honor to contribute to that work.

A few weeks ago, Nate started entertaining some persistent thoughts that it was important for him and his family to take some time off. After some discussion and debate, he has committed to taking a full month off from Immerse. As you read this, Nate is not working. Perhaps he’s at some coffee shop somewhere reading a Richard Rohr book right now. Later in the month he’s planning on spending a few days and nights at Pacem In Terris to detox from our crazy busy modern world and envelop himself in silence, solitude, and God. He is also changing his name to “Ocean” and working on developing an intolerance to gluten, thereby completing his transition into a master hipster. Nate returns to work on Jan 7th.

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