Dollars and sense

Immerse was founded from a place of trust in a Father who hears prayers, cares about His kids, and is powerful to provide what we need. We’ve put those promises to the test time and again over the years. As we start another year, I remember back to all the times where my prayers have gone something like this, “Heavenly Father, I don’t need Immerse to last forever, but I think what’s happening here is eternity-changing and I would love to be able to keep doing what we’re doing. Heck, I would love to do even more of what we’re doing. Father, You are responsible for sustaining this thing as long as You think it is helpful for Your kids and Your Kingdom. If You want this to keep going, You are going to have to pull some strings. You have a lot of kids with plenty of financial resources. Talk to them, Papa. Speak to Your kids on our behalf and provide for us in creative ways.”

In 2017 Immerse had exactly what we needed ($150 more, actually). It was a crazy year of car accidents, twins, people joining, people leaving, change in focus, and life-changing God moments. We significantly cut back on the amount of Prayer Resolution sessions we did as Mel was out from her concussion and instead focused more on one-on-one mentoring. Prayer Resolution has been a significant income-generator for us in the past, but not so much in 2017. We relied more heavily on our Immerse Community folk partnering with us on a monthly basis.

Recurring donations went up on an average of $731/month over the course of the year (29% increase) and now make up 58% of our monthly income. Spontaneous, one-time gifts make up 23% (on average) of our income with the rest coming in through program fees, Prayer Resolution fees, donations toward scholarships, and corporate donations. Total income and expenses both increased slightly in 2017 compared to 2016 ($3,100 for the former and $6,500 for the latter).

Immerse is looking forward to continued growth and strengthening of our financial outlook. Ways you can help:

  • Send people our way who would totally dig what we’re about and have the desire to partner with this work. 
  • Consider upping your game! If you give $50, consider $100.
  • Pray. It actually does stuff. Our Heavenly Father has a ton of kiddos around the world who are loaded with cash. Ask Him to hook us up! While you’re at it, ask Him if there’s anything He wants us to know and shoot us an email.

Thank you for being on this crazy journey with us.

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