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Nate here writing on behalf of all Immerse staff and leaders. You all probably wonder on a daily basis, “What is going on with the Immerse staff?” Well, today that wondering comes to an end because I’m going to tell you. But, first some history.

In December of 2013 Immerse became a non-profit and a year later the organization hired Nate as Executive Director and general Immerse Overlord (a title that was never accepted or appreciated by the Board of Directors). In September of 2015 Melissa Lundquist joined Immerse full time and Immerse started to feel like a real deal since we had multiple employees. Christy Gudim join the staff in August of 2016 in not-quite-full-time status. Then 2017 happened.

In early 2017, Christy stopped being active full time for Immerse due to a VERY difficult pregnancy with (surprise!) twin girls growing in the womb. Later that spring Immerse made a major organizational shift from paying its employees as independent contractors to full-fledged W2 employees, which was both a stressful and expensive transition for the organization but set Immerse up very well for the future. In June, Mel was in a car accident and endured a very serious concussion that has knocked her out of the running for many a month. The Gudim girls were born in July and Christy entered into an indefinite maternity leave.

Starting in July, Nate was again the sole active employee of Immerse and everything had to change. Prayer Resolution (PR) sessions all but stopped due to the standard practice of working with two Resolution Ministers to one Courageous One. Instead of PR sessions, Nate shifted focus to one-on-one and group mentoring. Immerse Community carried on as it always has, but the culture and DNA shifted substantially due to two primary leaders no longer attending, let alone leading. Things always change. Grieve what was lost and adapt to the new thing that God is doing.

That brings us to today. Mel has been slowing moving back toward full-time status, but she still has a long way to go and recovery is a continual practice in patience and rest. She will likely start trying to do a session or two of Prayer Resolution here and there in the next few weeks. Nate has recently returned from a well-earned sabbatical in December and is super pumped to restart one-on-ones, PR sessions, and teaching at Immerse Community. Christy has embraced mom-hood as her current full-time job and is no longer on the Immerse payroll. She will still be around on standby status and Immerse will likely hire her as a contractor on an as-needed basis.

2017 was a pivotal year for Immerse. We learned a lot about rest, God’s redirection, and accounting software. We are learning more and more about who we are, what we’re good at, and where we’re going. Want to know more about the future of Immerse? Those dreams can be accessed by purchasing a caffeinated beverage for any Immerse staff at a local coffee joint of choice. 

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