Financial Strategy

As you heard in last month’s post (click here), Immerse has significant financial breathing room for at least 10 months. We’re working hard to make the most of this time and develop long-term sustainable systems that will empower us to move into the God-sized dreams that are in our hearts. So, what’s our plan to get there?

  1. Intentional, blunt evaluation of our current systems.
    We are meeting biweekly with the president of our Board to start looking at our financial systems. We are also talking to other system-minded people to help pick apart and reconstruct everything from the ground up.

  2. Increasing the number of paid Prayer Resolution session we do.
    We are moving toward 5-6 session every week as an organization. This has the potential to increase our monthly income by $3,600, which would drastically bridge the gap.

  3. Writing & publishing small-group material.
    We are currently working on two separate small-group curriculum options. One is on Forgiveness and the other is on the Identity Tower. We are looking into doing a high-quality recording of a single video and using that content to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the rest of the curriculum. In addition to selling the curriculum, we also hope to develop facilitator trainings for those who want to be better equipped to lead these groups. The God-sized dream here is that this content could be the next Dave Ramsey curriculum that is used around the country and world.

  4. Taking outstanding care of our current donors and participants
    We are constantly looking for ways to celebrate the people on our team. If you have any fun and creative ideas, please let us know! If you’re one of our donors, let me take this moment to celebrate you. Your partnership with us in this work is so critical and we are so glad to have you on our team. We cannot do this alone, and because of you, we don’t have to! Thank you for believing in us and believing in what’s happening here at Immerse.

  5. Increasing fees.
    This one sucks to talk about. People tend to want everything ministry-related to be a free service (me too!), but if we offered everything for free right now we would cease to exist and would be doing zero ministry this time next year.
    We are looking at increasing our Prayer Resolution fee as well as reducing the number of scholarshipped sessions that we offer. We will be evaluating all our other program fees as well.

  6. Upping our marketing game.
    As we look to increase Prayer Resolution sessions, we will also want to increase our online presence so that more people are aware of Immerse and the services that we offer. This will also help us down the line once we have small-group curriculum available.

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