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 Me and my ninja-Mom, Denise @ Silas’s party.

Me and my ninja-Mom, Denise @ Silas’s party.

October is a month of birthdays and correspondingly high credit card bills! Silas turned four on the second, Michelle turned an age on the third, and River turned two on twenty-seventh. We had lots of good eating-out celebrations as well as a Ninjago-based party for Silas. Michelle was able to spend a night away with a good friend and hang out with the Corner Cronies (her girlfriends from church) while I watched the kids.

Michelle and I have started seeing a couples counselor to help address some long-established patterns we’ve started to see for the first time as well as work on general communication skills. It’s not a particularly fun process, but a good one. It’s a good reminder that we are always in process and never graduate from growth. Many who are walking in community with us have heard more about the struggles in our marriage over this summer and into the fall. Generally we are doing really well, but there are a few topics that we need help navigating.

One of the frustrations I’ve had going through all this is that I haven’t ever seen anyone go through these sorts of struggles before. I’ve only heard about them after the fact. It seems like an especially hard struggle to be seen in. But, as a spiritual leader, I’m committed to being seen regardless of what’s going on. (At the same time, it’s quite exhausting to talk about this with so many different people. If you’re wondering, the most helpful response would simply be prayer. Please withhold giving advice or asking questions at this point.)

I have been embracing my inner nerd in many creative ways lately. From starting role-playing games with my friends as well as a kid-version I play with my boys (I made it up myself) to creative outlets through graphic design/marketing stuff for Immerse. My brain-child at work right now is developing a small-group curriculum for the Identity Tower content. I’m designing it to be like a board-game w/ cards and videos and tower blocks included. Totally nerding out over here.

Thank you all for you continued prayer, support, and love.

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