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Moving into the new year we would love to be able to offer 100 hours of Prayer Resolution sessions to people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. We are currently running a year-end campaign, inviting people like you to partner with these amazing folk who are looking for help with deep healing and resolution.

Many people have never experienced true transformation and healing, and Prayer Resolution is one of the most powerful healing services we offer at Immerse. In 2019 we are hoping to significantly increase our capacity for Prayer Resolution. We are actively training new Resolution Ministers and Forgiveness Coaches so that we have more highly trained people ready to help people heal.

Prayer Resolution is the most financially sustainable program we offer at Immerse. When people are able to afford the standard fees, it is a program that is approximately 85% self sustaining. That means we don’t need to depend on donors much to keep the program running. For those who cannot afford the fee, however, it can be a serious obstacle. In the past we have offered hundreds of hours of free sessions, taking the hit, financially, as an organization. This is not sustainable long term, and we are committed to being able to help people transform for decades to come.

By raising scholarship funds in advance, we can confidently offer fully funded sessions to those who cannot afford it. “Hey, we’ve had a bunch of people put their money where their heart is and they have prepaid four free sessions for you. They are yours if you want them, let’s get you on the schedule.”

Our current fee for Prayer Resolution is $50/hr, which covers our costs. We are going to be increasing our fees to create more long-term sustainability while also increasing our ability to help people who can afford little to none of the fees. This current fundraiser is going to help us bridge that transition gap as we make the switch. We will be grandfathering in those who are already in the system so as to not bait-and-switch anyone.

Become a Prayer Resolution Sponsor today.

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