Monica’s Update – December

Well if we haven’t met yet I am Monica. I am the newest member of the Immerse team.  I have been spending a disproportionate amount of my free time lately baking for the holidays. This year I had the brilliant plan of making a small gingerbread house for each of my nephews. Not surprisingly this escalated to making 2 more for the cousins and yet another 2 for the neighbor kids. Merry Christmas right? I try to spend at least a few hours a week with my little nephews. There is a certain amount of connectedness that hanging out with them brings. Kids have a way of re-framing things for you. I wish I could experience life with the kind of awe and excitement that children do. It’s a goal right?

Tomorrow I will bring all these goodies that I have made them and we will decorate them together. I really look forward to building traditions like these. Christmas is a particularly magical time of year for me. I love all the traditions and family time they afford. Earlier this month I went over there to help them decorate for Christmas. We set up the tree and garland while listening to Christmas music. My oldest nephew Gideon is getting old enough to remember last year and that is super fun when he looks forward to things like these.

Life has a way of getting super busy right about now. I am trying really hard to manage my time well. A large part of my job here at Immerse is helping the leaders make good, healthy life choices (especially around time management). I am finding that this shines a light back on me to walk the talk. I have to make good choices too. I am learning how to say “No,” even to good things. But, that makes time for what’s important.

Merry Christmas!


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