Abba Shepherd

I was going to reach out to you all to make an unspecified prayer request. Instead, I’m going to state what I believe as an act of faith.

Whether I generously give my resources or selfishly consume them on frivolities, I am provided for.  Whether I see hope on the horizon or I feel only a pang of despair in my chest, I am provided for. Whether I am loved or despised by man, I am provided for. No matter where I be, whether on a mountain top or locked in a dungeon, I am provided for. Whether I joyfully worship my Abba or spit in His face and curse His name, I am provided for.  

Why? I am His child, I belong to Him, and He loves me. He loves me with a love that defies logic and reason, a love that extends beyond the limits of the universe, a love that is expressed in the tiniest prairie flower and in the great expanse of many oceans. His love for me is unconditional. It knows no limits. It is never embarrassed to express itself. His love is extravagant and simple, simultaneously.  

In some moments I am mesmerized to the point of feeling blissfully lost, and in others I feel a gentle steady current of love while I complete the mundane tasks of life.  

Love is a great mystery. It is the most powerful force in the universe. Love transforms physical landscapes, it rewires the human brain, it purifies hearts, it invigorates dormant spirits, and it gently tilts our gaze to see old sights in new ways.  

Love does this to connect. Love craves intimacy, and in this intimate connection with our Abba, every provision is available to us.  

The wolf worries constantly on how he will fill his stomach, but sheep – God’s children – simply need to lift our gaze to see where our Abba Shepherd is. Where is our Abba Shepherd? His Spirit resides in us. We carry the most powerful force in the universe inside of us, and provision from this river flows like a glistening distributary channel.  

This is what I believe – a reality that sinks deeper into my heart with every changing season.

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