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My brain is healing! January has been the biggest month for healing since my accident in June, and I’m enjoying so many of the things I couldn’t do before — like spending full evenings with friends, running multiple errands at once, and returning to work in greater capacity.

Ohmergosh I love my job. Truth be told, watching God work in people’s lives through Prayer Resolution (PR) and Immerse Community is addictive. I’m so happy to be back. I finally feel “like myself” again. Which is strange considering how much the last 6 months have changed me.

I’m not the same person stepping back in to my “old” life. I find I’m more patient, more willing to sit in difficult emotions (mine and other people’s), and I am much less “hurried” in my schedule and timelines. Necessity is teaching me to say no to fun options in favor of rest and healthy rhythms for my life.

The most welcome change has occurred through loss. I’ve lost the tightly held mental and emotional armor I carried around like a second skin – not even aware it was there. I find that I am more present, more willing to be seen, and more willing to ask for help than I have ever been in my life. It’s refreshing.

For all of you people out there that like concrete examples: I show up at PR sessions and trust that God will provide what I need when I need it. Instead of being over prepared and stressed in case I am “missing something in me” for the situation…I recognize that I’m likely missing A LOT of things, but all the things I’m missing are in God’s pocket and he will pull them out and hand them to me whenever I need them. Instead of insecurity, I can rest securely in any situation.

I’m so grateful for God’s presence and help through this season. I’m convinced these new understandings are solidly in place because of your prayers! Would you continue to pray for my physical healing and for daily provision from Papa?

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