Staff Update: Mel

Do you ever play the game in your mind where you imagine what it would be like to do a different job just for the fun of it? What would my life be like if was a drycleaner or restaurant owner?  What would my days look like? I play that game a lot, but no matter what job I select I find myself scheming how I could use it to make money so I could take time off volunteer at Immerse and do Prayer Resolution. Then I remind myself this is my day job! Dream.Come.True. As of this week I am back to work full time, and I couldn’t be happier.


This summer feels like a gift. My health continues to improve daily, thanks to time, prayer, and a really good God. I get to spend time outside – for as long as I want! I get to plant gardens, play with my niece, enjoy time with friends, relax, paint, and stand up in weddings. I’m deeply grateful to have my life back. Thank you for your prayers and support you have shown me over the last year.

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