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Mel was hanging out with a friend one day, “By the way, Mel, God told me that Immerse is going to get $100,000 next year.” Mel did what any one of us would do. She filed that away in a deep mental folder under the heading of, “That’s nice of you to say and it’s never going to happen.” This was 1 year ago.

Last month Immerse raised $112,000 due to an amazingly successful Networking Fundraiser. We are blown away by everyone generosity and our amazing team who made it happen.

I often wonder (read: struggle, doubt, dis-believe, etc.) how much God is actually able to control and orchestrate what happens in the world. There’s the temptation to conclude that He’s mostly just watching from the clouds. Then stuff like this happens and I’m reminded that He’s much better at being a Father than I give Him credit for… and more powerful.

Immerse has lived month-to-month since its existence. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve always had enough, but just barely. We’ve learned to be amazing at making great use of next-to-nothing.

When we switched our staff over to getting paid a standard hourly wage we knew that there were going to be many months where we would be donating many work hours to the ministry. Immerse didn’t always have enough money to pay us full time. This came to a head in July (the same month as the Networking Fundraiser) when Immerse was only able to pay us for approximately 30 hrs for the whole month. Or, “Not enough,” in my words.

I was freaking out. I kept wondering how I had failed, how I could fix this, and how I could create a backup strategy for when I could no longer pay my bills.

Then I would pray. I poured out my heart. I was brutally honest with Him about how much I DIDN’T trust Him to provide for me. I totally doubted Him, and I told Him so. I told Him, “I sure hope your ability to take care of me doesn’t rest on my ability to trust you, because I don’t trust you the way that I would like to. Faith is just so hard right now.”

God answer, “I’ve got this, Nate. We’ve been here before (at the brink of financial disaster). I won’t start [failing you] now. You’re going to be okay.”

I’m excited to report that God’s faithfulness toward me doesn’t depend on me getting it right. It might sound weird, but I’m proud of myself for how I handled it, too. I poured out my heart. I connect with Him. I didn’t hide my heart because it was “wrong”. I just showed up. On a deeper, unseen level, I actually WAS trusting Him to take care of me in spite of my surface-level doubt.

$112,000 means that we will be able to pay Mel and I for all the hours we work for the next 12-16 months. We will also be hiring Monica Secord part time to help us care for and invest into our leaders. She will also be helping us with Prayer Resolution and carrying some admin weight over time.

Over the next 12-16 months we will be doing a lot of hard working continuing to develop our financial systems and creating long-term sustainability for the ministry. Our goal is that we wouldn’t need $100,000+ fundraisers in order to sustain the work that God is doing at Immerse. As always, I would invite you to partner with us toward that end.

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