A Financial Projection

Many of you heard about the success we had earlier this summer with our fundraiser event. Between donated funds and monthly-pledges, Immerse raised $56,000. We also had a generous anonymous donor pledge $100,000 of matching funds upping out total to $113,000. Absolutely amazing! We’re so grateful to God and everyone who generously gave.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we have 100 grand sitting in our bank account right now. A large portion of the funds raised were pledged to come in on a monthly basis in amounts varying from $50/mth to $1500/mth. Those funds are not in-hand, but will come in over the next year. Monthly donations are the backbone of Immerse finances and establish long-term sustainability and financial health. We currently have $3,600 pledged to come in on a monthly basis.

As for the matching funds, we have received half of those funds and will receive the other half in the new year. This works out really well for both us and the donor.

Where does that leave us and what do our projected finances look like?

Short answer: we are fully funded through June of 2019. We anticipate between $4,000 to $5,000 coming in per month between monthly donations, PR fees, program fees, and trainings. That puts us at a month deficit of approximately $5000/mth.

Our plan:

  1. Continue to reach out to people who believe in Immerse and want to partner with Immerse on a monthly basis. Ask them to join us as financial partners and give courageously on a monthly basis.

  2. Continue to develop our Pray Resolution division, which has capacity to bring in between $500-$1500/mth.

  3. Host creative and fun events to bring in between $3-5,000 per event. For example, we are currently planning a Christmas Gala & Dance complete with a Lip-sync competition. Keep your ears open for event details to be released over the next weeks and book December 1st on your calendar.

  4. Write, develop, and publish small group curriculum and continue to develop our trainings on both Forgiveness and facilitating an Identity Tower group.

  5. Finally, we are actively looking to hire an Operations and Systems Director. In order to grow in the bold way that God seems to be pointing us toward, we need better back-end support. We are also looking for ways to finance this new hire. Please contact Nate if you are interested in learning more. nate@immersediscipleship.com

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