Month: December 2018

Beware the Judgement of God

By Immerse / December 25, 2018 /

She awoke from this dream feeling like something had shifted. Something was happening in a core part of her being. Her life had changed and she didn’t like it. It wasn’t so much the dream itself, but the more she thought about the words, the more grossed out she felt. “Beware the judgement of God.” More religious brainwashing. More control structures to get her to stay in line and perform her moral circus act for God’s entertainment. This is all the religious oppression I grew up with that I want nothing to do with anymore. That I’ve spent so long trying to dismantle and deconstruct in my mind and heart. Yuck.

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4 Ways to be Kinder to Yourself this Holiday Season

By Immerse / December 17, 2018 /

This year I find myself being a real grinch about Christmas. Which is a new experience for me. I’m typically the one who has her Christmas shopping done by Nov 30 and has been playing Christmas music since September. But, not this year. This year I’m simply looking forward to Jan 2 when I can put this whole holiday mess behind me. I can’t put my finger on a specific “cause”. Maybe it’s family stuff, or being single at 35, or maybe it just takes too much energy this year. Maybe you can relate? Whether you are hopped up on eggnog and enjoying every sparkling holiday moment or, if you’re not, here are 4 ways to be kind to yourself during the holiday season.

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Monica’s Update – December

By Immerse / December 13, 2018 /

I try to spend at least a few hours a week with my little nephews. There is a certain amount of connectedness that hanging out with them brings. Kids have a way of re-framing things for you. I wish I could experience life with the kind of awe and excitement that children do.

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100 Hours of healing

By Immerse / December 11, 2018 /

Moving into the new year we would love to be able to offer 100 hours of Prayer Resolution sessions to people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. We are currently running a year-end campaign, inviting people like you to partner with these amazing folk who are looking for help with deep healing and resolution.

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