Matt’s Staff Update

Hi. How you are you?

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Hold on for a second.

The real you, the you who hides and is afraid of all this vulnerability talk.


That you.

How is that person?

I’m Matt…

…the new guy here on staff at Immerse, and if you engaged that antagonization, then you’re already pretty familiar with what it’s like to be on staff at Immerse.

It’s terrifying and completely liberating all in the same heartbeat.

I pretty much love it, and hate it… just like you I’m guessing.

And, in the middle of that tension, I’m so grateful that Immerse found me four years ago, and I heard Nate teach on forgiveness for the first time. ? ? ? 


Speaking of Nate, did you have a chance to read his update?

My heart is truly broken and saddened for him, Michelle, and their kiddos. I wouldn’t be the man that I am today, without his investment in my life. It is with mixed feelings, that I’ve stepped into this new role. Broken-heartedness & delight. I’m not here to replace Nate. We’ve dreamed of working together and partnering with God to co-author this amazing community of stories. It feels weird and yet crucial in this season of growth at Immerse.

There truly aren’t enough words, and I am honored to continue in this work.

Four years ago, Nate described a way of forgiving that was completely foreign to me. That new understanding of forgiveness drew my curiosity, and my curiosity drew me to Prayer Resolution (PR). Or maybe PR was drawing me? Who knows how all this stuff works. Walking through that first session was full of heartache, pain, beauty, and all the things. As I look back on it now, I also see that God was undeniably uncovering a seed that was planted in me. A seed full of longing for the hearts of men and women to be restored to wholeness. I don’t know how the seed got there, and I’m still figuring me out. My story is far from perfect, but it’s also far from over.



The Immerse team is pretty rad in how they accept me for me. My wife, Naomi, and daughter, Eva, are gracious in their support and encouragement as I find myself – this beautiful work in progress. They still put up with my reading addiction, my compulsion to collect more hobbies (fishing, hunting, canoeing, camping, agate finding, wood working, and basketball to name a few), my entertaining what it would be like to move across the world, and my consideration of going to seminary.


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