Banker Family Update


This year has been really good, but not without its challenges! Isaac (4), Silas (2 ½), and River (6 months) have been going through cycles of sickness on a seemingly non-stop basis. We’ve been a bit bummed at how many church & friend activities we’ve missed out on because of that. It hasn’t stopped us from adventuring as a family and enjoying the warmer weather! Our kids are amazing, Michelle and I are connecting well, and we are living the life of our dreams. At times it’s easy to get overwhelmed by life, sickness, or uncertainty, but then we remember that we wouldn’t choose a different life even if we could.

This spring has required that Nate put a lot of his energy and focus on building structures for Immerse and transitioning the staff to becoming W2 employees. The staff fasted and prayed for the finances of Immerse and within two weeks saw some really amazing financial miracles come through!

Life isn’t always easy. Sometime it can feel like there’s so much uncertainty that you just want to cash in and do something more predictable and stable. Then again, if we didn’t have people willing to risk it all for the hearts of the broken, all hope would be lost. This ministry can often feel like a ragtag group of youngsters rebelling against a system that defines people by their performance. A group of 20 taking on a horde of demons try to kill, stifle, and silence the hearts of our generation.

At the end of the day I find it encouraging to sit down, take a deep breath, and watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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