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By Immerse | June 18, 2018 |

It was one of those dreams where you wonder if it was just a dream or something more substantial. I think it was more substantial. It had that divine taste to it. Ever since then I have been looking for ways to make more connections and expand my network. Somehow, I think this is critical to Immerse’s long-term success and sustainability.

Faith like bacteria

By Immerse | June 18, 2018 |

What is faith? Is faith required for God to do miracles? If something doesn’t happen, does that mean I don’t have enough faith? What’s on the line in my own sense of identity if I don’t have “enough faith”?


By Immerse | May 21, 2018 |

I thought He was only concerned with me giving him glory, or me evangelizing everyone I met. I thought He only cared about results and converts and morals and ethics and doing the right thing always. But as I begin to dig deeper, I realize he wants something a lot deeper and heck of a lot simpler, too.

Money is vulnerability

By Immerse | May 17, 2018 |

Then I remember that no good story is easy. No good story is free of conflict. No good story has everything go perfectly. Some things are worth the struggle. Worth the uncertainty. Worth the sacrifice.

Banker family update

By Immerse | May 17, 2018 |

“Daddy!” Three different little-kid voices. “Pop-off hug!!!” Somewhere along the line I’ve taught my kids to try to literally pop my head off by hugging me as tight as they can. I need to do something about that soon.

Meet the newbies

By Immerse | April 8, 2018 |

We were swamped with requests. We couldn’t meet all the need.

Then something happened. Vulnerability, courage, and brilliance combined into a catalytic mixture and suddenly…

Dollars and sense

By Immerse | April 8, 2018 |

Since 2013 Immerse has strategically sought out experts and mentors in fundraising, business management, leadership development, and accounting. We are learning quickly and continue to grow towards making Immerse the best it can be because people are worth it.

From slavery to sonship (part III)

By Immerse | April 1, 2018 |

We were never meant to live lives riddled with discipline. Maybe discipline has a place if it comes from a motivation of love, but, honestly, I’ve only been taught how to do discipline from fear. We were simply meant to taste the superior and enjoy it! How? In *connection* with God.

From slavery to sonship (part II)

By Immerse | April 1, 2018 |

Do you dread God’s voice? It’s an indicator that you haven’t experienced God’s true nature. In 1 John 4:18 it states, “If we are afraid…this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love.” Why are we afraid? We fear punishment from God. We might believe the lie that God wants to stamp out our dreams and desires.

From slavery to sonship (part I)

By Immerse | April 1, 2018 |

Have you ever wrestled with what you perceived as a very black-and-white directive from God? A directive you did *not* want to follow through with? If you have, I’d like to offer you an alternative way of connecting with God that, in my experience, produces joy and peace.