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Slow growth model

By Immerse | November 14, 2017 |

Three-fourths of our donations in 2017 were recurring. That means most of our donations are reliable, predictable, and consistent. This is super great for long-term sustainability and future planning.

Grow as slow as possible

By Immerse | November 14, 2017 |

I’ve been hearing the whispers of God saying ridiculous things like, “Grow as slowly as possible” and “Be as small as possible.” It sounded like crazy talk at first, but I’m starting to fall in love with those ideas.

Surviving on a prayer

By Immerse | October 12, 2017 |

God feels very close these days. He’s holding her, wrapped up, snuggled to His chest like a mother holds and snuggles her baby in a wrap carrier. God’s deep Presence in difficult circumstances is showing Mel that He is tenderly committed to the long-haul healing process of body and heart.

The Gospel according to Jeff

By Immerse | October 10, 2017 |

Over the many centuries, various schools of thought have been formed concerning the applicability of the Gospel. Who’s in and who’s out? How exactly did Christ’s death cover our sin? What is hell and who goes there? What does it mean that our experience on earth is still hard?

By Immerse | September 14, 2017 |

In general, we feel like our life is fairly well balanced. We’re handling the challenges and stressors like we’re adults or something. We have a very full life and often find ourselves talking in amazement at how great everything is. We wouldn’t choose any other way of living.

Love up for grabs

By Immerse | September 14, 2017 |

It’s harder to boldly claim God’s love when things aren’t going well – when your car breaks down, when the relationship doesn’t work out. It’s so easy to feel abandoned. To wonder why God has left – why He has betrayed you.

Gudim Family Update – BABIES!

By Immerse | August 2, 2017 |

Some of the best things in life also happen to be the things that require the hardest struggle. Kids are the obvious object lesson, but the not-so-obvious is the wholeness of our hearts. Christy’s commitment to her own heart-health through this journey is an example worth following.

“Don’t Charge for Labor”

By Immerse | August 2, 2017 |

I wasn’t sure it was God. It was mostly just a vague impression or random thought that didn’t want to go away. But, I’ve learned to trust that annoying nudge. In the end, God isn’t going to fail to provide for me because I was too darn generous and willing to help some people out in my community. God’s resources are unlimited! I’m always as rich as all the promises of God.

My heart in shadow

By Immerse | August 1, 2017 |

Like the woman in the story, I, too, don’t want to meet God having carried much of my heart in shadow. I don’t want God to have to eavesdrop on a conversation with a friend to know what is really going on in my heart.

Mel’s Update

By Immerse | July 10, 2017 |

The more I allowed my heart to connect to God the more peace flooded my heart.  It’s a strange thing to be at peace and wildly uncomfortable at the same time.