Immerse is para-church ministry and 501(c)(3) non-profit that believes that transformations is actually possible. We know how transformation happens and we're committed to walking people through whatever journey they are on.


Healing Workshops

Many people are doing all the religious stuff that they've been asked to do, but they aren't being transformed like they believe is possible. Our healing workshops are designed to start a transformation process and equip you with the tools, language, and connections needed to continue to walk out that journey.

Register for our Weekend Experience, Mini Workshop, or Private Workshop to start your healing journey.

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Pray Resolution

Prayer Resolution is the primary healing tool that we use in all of our workshops. Developed by Richard and Connie Smith, Prayer Resolution is designed to honor your story, give voice to your heart, and receive a real, healing response from God Himself.

All Resolution Coaches and Resolution Ministers at Immerse are extensively trained and accountable to Immerse Staff for the use of the Prayer Resolution tool.

Register for a Private Workshop if you want to experience a traditional Prayer Resolution session.

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Pray Resolution


Discipleship Training

Our discipleship track (D-track) is designed as a weekly community of Christ-followers who are ready to wrestle with the elemental beliefs of Christianity as well as deconstruct their identity-concepts. Most believers go through a detox stage in their faith, where the very religion that once brought them life is now a source of pain, frustration, or confusion.

The D-track is designed to walk people through their deconstruction processes in safety, intimacy, and expectancy. D-track groups meet weekly and include worship, silence, teaching, discussion, practice, and prayer.

Cohorts run from Oct through April.



We believe it is critical to equip people in their gifts and dreams. For those whose gifts and dreams align with the mission and vision of Immerse, we offer certifications in three areas:

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    Resolution Coaches

    Get trained and help others as a volunteer.

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    Resolution Ministers

    Start earning an income helping others.

  • classroom

    Workshop Facilitators

    Use your public speaking skills to help others



The Immerse proven-process

Across the board, we use these principles to guide ever ministry and help that we offer at Immerse.



Real discipleship doesn't happen from a distance. If you can't look someone in the eyes, you aren't discipling them and you won't see the transformation that is possible.

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You can't ignore your past if you want to move powerfully into the future. Most people don't know why their story is important or how telling your story dramatically impacts your transformation process.


Identity Formation

If you are like most people, your identity has been formed around the idea that you are what you do. You need rediscover the deeper reality of who you are that has nothing to do with your performance or achievement.

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Transformation is Possible

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