Surviving on a prayer

Mel continues to deal with symptoms of the concussion from her car accident four months ago which has severely limited her ability to do daily activities like cook for herself, attend social functions, and work.

Mel’s job right now is to focus on physical healing and fight for her heart. When asked what she would call this season she decided on “incubating hope,” as each day requires her to tend to hope like a small growing seed.

She is experiencing grief and sadness over missing out on so much due to necessary physical restrictions, and often struggles with the effects of isolation. She is learning how to be gentle to herself, respond to her body’s needs, manage self-expectations, and have God fill her “love bucket.”

God feels very close these days. He’s holding her, wrapped up, snuggled to His chest like a mother holds and snuggles her baby in a wrap carrier. God’s deep presence in difficult circumstances is showing Mel that He is tenderly committed to the long-haul healing process of body and heart.

She is grateful for the love and connection of the people in her life; their prayers affect her physical body and change her world. If you’d like to connect with Mel or let her know you’re praying for her, please feel free to text her or email her at

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