Private Workshop

Sometime you need direct help and a group-based workshop just isn't going to cut it. Sit down with two trained Resolution Coaches and let them walk you through a personalized healing workshop.

Private Workshops Includes:

  • Face-to-face connection with trained Resolution Coaches

    This time is yours. You don't have you share it with anyone.

  • Customized care plan

    Your situation is unique and complicated. Our Resolution Coaches will co-create a plan with you that fits your circumstances.

  • Multiple 3-hour workshop sessions

    Three hours provides a good amount of time to both dig into your story as well as take profound steps into resolution and healing. Schedule your sessions in advance with your Resolution Coaches.

  • Privacy and confidentiality

    Sometime you don't want a whole group to see what's in the baggage you carry. These workshops are held with sacred care. All private workshops take place in private and safe spaces.


Personalized Care

Our Resolution Coaches know how to walk with you through the pain, wounds, and trauma of your past. The pain of your past is sacred and important. We are skilled, trained, and careful as we help you navigate your healing journey.

Single Session

10 Session Package

30 Sessions


3 hours per session


20% Discount


30% Discount

Single Session

$300 3 hours per session

10 Session Package

$2400 20% Discount

Full Life 30 Sessions

$6300 30% Discount

What to expect

  • You and Two Resolution Coaches (one male, one female)

  • Private Space

  • Confidentiality and sacred listening

  • Coaching and Guidance through your story

  • You do the praying, we help

  • 3 hour sessions

Prep for your
private workshop

Download a free e-book

Familiarize yourself with some basic concepts that are central to the forgiveness tool that we will use in all of your private workshop sessions.


"5 reasons forgiveness doesn't work and what to do about it."

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